Hi. I'm Florian Hofer,

I'm a software engineer, and this is a short portrait website of me and my job.

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These are the key fields that drive me.

In this fields I see the pillars for a successfull life, work and personal.

Thinking outside the box

Don't be predictable. Although tradition and structure are important, adding a different perspective opens new possibilities to you and your team.


If you do something, do it the best way you can. If after all it failed, you know you made it the right way and you can start approaching it differently.


Continuous study and updates are key features to succeed in work life. A strong academic background is important for personal development.

Here is a brief list of my education.

Ph.D. Computer Science

enrolled in a doctorate program w/ scholarship while working

M.sc Exchange program

Participated in an EU-funded exchange program to improve embedded skills

M.sc SW engineering

Completed, alongside with work, a master's degree in Software engineering

Here’s something I worked on recently.

These are short snapshots of automation projects I've been working on lately.


Computational thinking applied to language learning: development of an ionic2/AngularJs application with Postgres/Apache/Php on Restful service as data source

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Technical module

An easily adaptable software template developed for this technical module used for biogas plants.

Image removed due to copyright owners request

Metan load

A program to manage feeding mixture for biogas plants with remotely configurable recipe.

Info Module developped by KMS

Info module

Redesign of communication protocol to the GSM-module to enable individual alerting.

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Improvement of HMI interface to extend features and simplify user interaction.

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