Long, long time ago..

It has been a while since I wrote my last post, I’m quite sure it’s more than 5 months, but it seems to me like yesterday. I don’t know why it took me so long, but in the end I’m back.

I had some wonderful holidays in Asia and Oceania, travelled with backpack and laptop, and discovered new places, new cultures, new life. It seems courious but I think I also discovered a new me. What to tell.. it will be too much to handle in one single post, and sincerely, it’s brutally time consuming if I start blogging now about the overseas experience, so I’ll make it short.

I’m back in Europe. For my endless improvement, life-long learning, I’ve started my embedded system studies at a Czech uni, and yeah, I’m ready for new challenges.

So, let’s start again from today. Hope to see you back soon.


Ready for departure; or not?

The Indian visa has finally arrived, the paperwork for the other countries is done, the first night stay is booked and the mind is set to ‘holiday’ mode. But one thing is missing: the ultimate productivity device.

One thing as a freelance in software engineering and development is probably the most important of all, your companion of nights, your travel buddy and your mate through hard times of coding: your laptop. I have recently bought a new one (that still has to be shipped) to make my journeys easier and more productive. After a few months of selection I finally went for a Dell XPS 13″ developer edition. It is small, lightweight, powerful and has a maxed out screen area which makes it seem a size bigger than it is. The battery life is estimated to be higher than average and, well, it’s just a good looking piece of high-tech.

Before choosing this one I went through several options; one among them was the MacBook Pro 13″.  The finals where between the two and I got to the point where I just compared directly and found myself saying “one is better in this, the other in that”. The thing that finally convinced me was this article . It should arrive these days and I really can’t wait to explore this new gadget.

I will write you about my work&travel experiences with it. Stay tuned.


Good News

Two colleagues just agreed to write some articles from time to time. This should help the development of this blog a lot.

Looking forward to read their posts (I hope you too)


The Indian Dilemma

Did you know that Italy is probably the only EU country having no eVisa agreement with India? I firstly was surprised but then I realized that there is actually a reason. It happened a long time ago and I almost forgot it: the Marò.


The topic I mentioned is explained in this Wikipedia article. As long as I remember, since this happened, there was always someone making jokes about this tragedy and for sure this will not help the italo-indian relationship. But what has this to do with me?

I recently booked a long haul trip which also includes a stop-over in India. It is now the third time I filled out the on-line visa application form and hopefully, tomorrow when I send it through post, I will finally get a sticker in my passport.

Hopefully I will very soon start blogging from a nice Hotel in an Asian city.

Stay tuned

It’s time for a new challenge

There comes a time a man’s life when change is necessary. At some point, you start to feel like the times have changes and so you need to change too. It shows up at irregular intervals and is mostly unpredictable.

I have been working for 15 years now in various fields. Of these, I focused on software engineering and development in roughly half. While I did enjoy my work, more often than not, I realized that I would begin to feel a lack of fulfillment and restlessness because the life of an employee working in an office would get very routine. This feeling in itself ironically also became a routine feeling. In these moments, I would have to make an important decision and it would turn out that I would find a new workplace or I would choose to continue my studies. This was because I have a never-ending need to grow and improve myself and my mind. This search for growth allows me to push myself and strive for a greater end.

I am currently in the freelance business and I am also a full-time student and so far, I believe I have found a situation that I can be comfortable with. It is as a result of this combination of self-management and creative breeding that I have adapted, that I have been led to my view of higher productivity.

In summary, I believe that autonomous work means:

  • That you have flexibility in terms of space and time, what also means you work when it suits best.
  • That you get to choose your spot; no distractions, no noise, nothing you do not want to have near you.
  • That you have freedom to move, travel and explore. This also gives you opportunities to find new interests.

And now comes the best part: I recently found, by pure luck, a freelance portal offering good quality jobs for freelancers called Toptal. This site is run by people who use quality assessment to guarantee quality at  both sides of the work relationship. Sounds really great, right? I applied to be part of the SCADA programmers community and  I really hope that I will soon be a part of this family. I can not wait for it to share experiences and meet new and interesting people.

Keeping my fingers crossed…


Let’s start simple… Let’s talk about fluid mechanics..

No no.. just joking. This is actually a blog I set up time ago and now I am just waiting to find the time to start off with the first blog entry.

If you surf through the web you can find a lot of discussion of how useful having a blog or writing blog posts can be. It is claimed to increase creativity, to augment your writing skills and to boost your social skills. I would like to exploit this opportunity and start a first attempt here and now. Maybe.